Three meanings of Anti: - The against as opposition to and anger at the emergent crime of the Iraq war. - The musical fantasy arising fromm this state starts from groups of sounds that knock against each other, that pick on each other, being drawn into ever changing force fields, crossing different spaces. - But at some point, the fantasy digresses to the character of Antigone, how she is brought to the present in Alexander Kluge's Deutschland im Herbst [Germany in Autumn] (between tears and sarcasm, dark humour and desperate sadness): She lives the other attitude, in which no brother is worth less, when he is on the wrong side of the state.

In the first part, the picking turns at some point into "the other world" of splitsounds and their small differences.

The second part starts with the "reproduction" of the beginning by the three loud speakers. The three instruments play mostly with their counterpart in the speaker now. Again another turn, but into another direction than in the first part: increasing consolidation, congealment, congruity (in stupidity), until, in the end, the electronics mark the only "other" element.


Performance 21.02.2013 Berlin
Ensemble MusikFabrik NRW
Peter Veale, oboe; Helen Bledsoe, flute; Heidi Mockert, bassoon; Paul Jeukendrup, electronics