Erinnerung, Latin memoria, English memory. Memory is the German name for the matching pairs game, in which images looked through, until two images match. Then, they are taken away.

The music moves in waves. Each wave is an accord; between the waves relationships are formed — correspondents and divergences, in duration, shape, figuration, harmony.

This is one space; it moves in itself. Then there is another space. Remembrance. A memory that is here and not here. I does not fit. It stays where it is. Nearly encapsulated.

I asked Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari if she knew a nursery rhyme from memory. One of them is Arusak Jun. The half stanza is extremely stretched and sung as single notes:

delam mikhād       my heart wants
tu khābe nāz         in a delightful dream
kabutar shi           the dove to be
arusak                   the doll

The German pronounciation of Memory is Memori. In Latin it would mean: remembering, by remembering.

The spaces do not meet, at least not here. As long as there is dissent, the game goes on. When the pairs match, it ends.

The piece was written for and in close collaboration with Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari. It was supported by the Goethe-Institut as part of the "virtual partner residencies" 2021. Thanks also goes to Ehsan Ebrahimi for his help.

Recording January 2022 with Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari, santur and voice.