This piece was conceived at the Arp-Schnitger-organ in Dedesdorf (Unterweser). It's basic fantasy: the organ had observed, as immobile part of the church space, everything that happened in this space over the centuries, and is now telling about it in an organ language. This “tale“ does not follow a chronology. It moves around in a space of states of the organ's body: soft rattling of “side noises“, ermergence and disappearance of constellations of sounds, self-circling repetitions, knocks on the casing, partly transitioned to different dimensions by electronic means, fields of noise with defined pitch reflecting stages of speaking and not-speaking anymore. The soft sounds of the organ (rattling of the trackers and air noises) are amplified using microphones as much as the distinct sounds of voices of the players. The tape for eight loud speakers is in dialogue with live-produced sound, creating an encounter between the organ and the Arp-Schnitger-organ in Dedesdorf.