Listen: Instruments and electronics

Fernnah [Far-Close]

Electronic sounds for a reading (2024)
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Bizarre Plätze [Bizarre Places]

Percussion and elektronics (2022)
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Oud and Live-electronics (2022)

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Voice and live-electronics (2021)

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Seyr und Silence

Alma with Shaghayegh Bagheri (2019)

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Scherbengericht über Buddha in Jeju [Ostracism of Buddha in Jeju]

Text performance with live electronics (2018)

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Ein Seeteufel [Sea devil]

Music for a reading by Yoko Tawada (2018)
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reziprok [reciprocal]

Alma with Günter Christmann, Elke Schipper, and Michael Griener (2018)
Voice (Elke Schipper) and Alma

Cello (Günter Christmann) and Alma

Drums (Michael Griener) and Alma

Trombone (Günter Christmann) and Alma

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Wege — Streichquartett mit Elektronik nach Mozart [Ways - string quartet with electronics after Mozart]

String quartet and electronics (2017)

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Buk and electronics (2015)

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Zeiten Wenden [Turning Times]

Shawm, cornet, choir, and electronics (2013)
VIRGO PRUDENTISSIMA - Shawm and live electronics

QUASI AURORA - Shawm, cornet, choir, and electronics

ET SUAVIS ES Cornet and electronics

FILIA SION - Shawm, cornet, choir, and electronics

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Alto flute and electronics (2013)

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S'io non miro non moro

Soprano and electronics (2012)

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Schlagschatten [Cast shadow]

Accordion and electronics (2006)

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Quo Tendis

Cello and electronics (2006)

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Percussion and electronics (2005)

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Anti II

Alto flute, oboe, bassoon, electronics (2005)

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Erzählung [Narrative]

Organ (four-handed) and electronics (2000)

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Ein Ort für Zufälle [A place for chance]

Prepared MIDI-grand piano (1997)
Version 1

Version 2a

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