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In 2002 I came to Tehran thanks to an invitation by my friend Ali Gorji and met, among others, Shahrokh Khajenouri. Through him I got into contact with the Yarava Music Group a few years later. Founded in 2001, this ensemble puts forward diverse activities in contemporary music and arts under the most difficult conditions. From these events I re-discovered how music can happen and should happen and I am happy that I have been able to contribute my own activities to this umbrella.


In April 2021 I founded together with Amin Khoshsabk as active member of Yarava Music Group the Yarava Electronic Studio Composer's Lab. This gathering of composers happens once a month. The main focus is on asking each other about two presented works or idea. So we get in discussions and can learn from wach other and with each other. After some meeting I wrote "accompanying thoughts".
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TIEMF 2022 (online)

Workshop Csound Advanced — Live Csound in CsoundQt (see here for details)
Two master classes together with Dimtri Papageorgiu
The piece For Reza was first performed in this festival

TIEMF 2021 (online)

Opening speech (text and video)
Workshop Csound Advanced — Views on Sine Waves (3 parts) (see here for details)

TIEMF 2019

Workshop on FFT in Csound 21. and 24. July 2019. Online workshop.
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TIEMF 2018

Workshop on granular synthesis in Csound under the auspices of the second Tehran International Electronic Music Festival hosted by the Yarava Music Group and the University of Tehran 2.-4. September 2018.

Workshop 2017

By invitation by Sara Abazari (University of Tehran) I gave an introductory course in live electronics in Csound for university students 16.-19. December 2017.

TIEMF 2017

As part of the first Tehran International Electronic Music Festival hosted by Yarava, I gave a seminar on "How to create and develop an instrument for live electronics" and a Master Class in Composition; 29. August 2017.

Talk 2017

Discussion with young composers on thoughts on composing by invitation of Yarava Music Group, 2. March 2017.

Workshop 2016

With Arsalan Abedian 23.-26. August 2016. Topic: Digital sound synthesis and spacialization in Csound.

Workshop on Open Source Software 2015

This workshop was held with Arsalan Abedian on 12.-16. September 2015 in Negarestan. Hosted by the University of Tehran rather than Yarava, members of Yarava were nevertheless active participants.

Workshop on Open Source Software 2009

This workshop was held on 14. and 15. March 2009 with the collaboration of Shahrokh Khajenouri and Kiawasch Sahebnassagh. Among the participants were Reza Korourian and Arsalan Abedian.
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