2020 Teaching and learning electronic music

Thoughts on teaching composition

2019 From lifting a turtle to writing code

Keynote at the 5th International Csound Conference in Cagli, 29 September 2019

2017 Don Quijote, die Insel und das Goldene Zeitalter

Keynote at the 4th International Csound Conference in Montevideo, 29 September 2017

2017 Drei Texte zum Komponieren

Thoughts about composing, in spring 2017, in different contexts.

2016 for future works

Speech at the ceremony for the Korourian Awards 2016

2014 Kann man Neue Musik hören lernen?

Introductory thoughts for a day on how to listen

2011 Über Musik sprechen

Introduction of a salon in Hanover