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New music and AI

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Don Quijote, the island and the golden age

Experience with and questions on Open Source, keynote lecture for the Csound conference in Montevideo 2017.

Do you believe in space? — Some thoughts on composition and spatialization

Published 2016 in Ideas Sonicas / Sonic Ideas 16)

Der Computer als Instrument, oder: Warum ein Komponist programmieren lernt

Contribution to the symposium "How are we transformed by the digital change?", Kunstverein Hanover, 18. April 2015

Läuft es sich in Kinderschuhen besser?

About thinking composition with and in front of the computer, published in MusikTexte 141 (2014)

Der Computer als Instrument

Lecture 2014 about the computer as instrument

Wie programmierbar ist ein Kompositionsprozess?

Lecture in the series Decision and automatism in present composition 3 Mai 2011 at HMTM Hannover