Joachim Heintz

Lektüren I [Readings I]

Schrenz Verlag 2018 (= SCHRENZ 01)
(written 2017)

This small book assembles two readings, based on texts by the "old Chinese" Huangbo and Linji. Readings as expression and moulding of one's own versions, as reading that led to writing and that is articulated in writing. Reading as culling, as picking, as perpetuation - just as "language wants it", at least in the perception of the writer.

Extract: Fragments Huangbo

no beginning     not past     not future
not generated     not extinguished
not green     not yellow
no form     no mark

new and old is not there long and short is not there large and small is not there
be a rock to understand contemplate to miss it
this being mind not mind hard internally with a core externally like the void without limits and obstacle without I and you without place without qualities without achieving and losing
to come to not mind anon the end is reached


day in day out I teach you       I teach you but you remain dull       you don't notice it       you don't notice what is right now       what is right here right now       and is moving
you're stuck on the grass and the leaves like cattle       not even       you're bamboo and tree souls       not even       you are fox's minds that chew on clumps of dung       the stupid herd has left them behind       and you chew and chew and chew       you chew on your buddha       but there is no buddha       you chew on your truth       but there is no truth       you chew on your exercise       but there is no exercise       you chew on your enlightenment       but there is no enlightenment       so what are you looking for with your empty eyes       so where are you stumbling to the left to the right       on your head another head has grown       and on that one another       and with your enormous antler heads you stagger around and against walls       and then you complain about my caning
what do you want
many come to me       all hung up on something       none of them is free       so I hit       I strike       I strike at what they're hanging onto       someone hung up on their gestures       I strike their hands       someone hung up on their gab       I strike their mouth       someone hung up on their eyes       I strike their eyes
you shouln't complain about that       complain when I stop striking you
do you know the reason for your sickness you clattering carcasses       you don't dare       you hesitate       you falter       you doubt       you whine       you rationalize       you drive yourself up the wall with questions       but you don't believe yourself       you don't even see you're sick       you happen from circumstance to circumstance       and the ten thousand things trifle with you
what is it that can really comprehend       your spleen your stomach your liver your bile       the empty space       don't you see you sleepwalkers       what's right in front of me       clear as daylight       shapeless       luminescent
you talk of understanding       but you're just building names and words       you look down at the people       and you bow to the officials       the custodians of the old masters       the gravediggers of the old masters       they wrote the old masters' speeches into a weighty book       they shrouded the book in cloths       three times       five times       they let no one see it       and they say       there       there in this book       in our book       there is the secret       the secret knowledge       that you want       and you       you swim after it like a shoal of minnows       with rigid eyes and large mouths       and bubbles rising       blubb       blubb       blubb
you petty pinheads       how do you press sap from weathered bones

A PDF with the full text (in German) can be downloaded from here.