Open Source

Since 2004, I actively contribute to the development of free software, in particular to Csound and CsoundQt.

To develop free / open source software to me means: to appreciate and help shape a place that is about participation and collaboration beyond (or better: closer to home than) buying and selling. A commons in a system that is dominated by personal property.

Some more links for further reading:

Was ist Open Source?

A video interview (2013) with Marcus Beuter on how free software is made and my experience in this area.

Don Quixote, the island and the golden age - some experiences and dimensions of working “Free” and “Open Source”

Experiences with and questions on Open Source, keynote at the Csound Conference 2017 in Montevideo.

FLOSS Manual Csound

The comprehensive online resource for Csound that I initialised in 2010 with Iain McCurdy and Alex Hofmann and for the content and updating of which I take responsibility. Formerly hosted at, it is managed on Github and can be executed directly in the web browser at since 2020.

Csound and its environment

You can find miscellaneous contributions to Csound and neighbouring programs here.

Python and SVG

Contributions to a Python-Wrapper for the SVG file format.