Alma lives from her partners. If she is so lucky to meet such wonderful musicians as Elke Schipper, Günter Christmann and Michael Griener who spent all their life in the free music and shaped it together with others, something particular happens.

It seems that also Alma could offer something new to them. The titel "reciprocal" is from Elke Schipper who writes about our musical communication: "The goal of this intermedial communication is to develop an extended sound spectrum and to open structural layers and connections between all modules, to get to new expressions of contemporary music."

In 2018, some concert of "reciprocal" took place. A CD was released at edition explico and can be ordered under edition.explico at

Günter Christmann - Violoncello, trombone, zither
Michael Griener - Percussion
Joachim Heintz - Alma
Elke Schipper - Voice, sound poetry

Stimme und Alma

Cello und Alma

Schlagzeug und Alma

Posaune und Alma

Video by Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini about the concert in Kubus Hannover, 14 March 2018: