2024 Fernnah

Music for a reading

2022 Bizarre Plätze

Percussion and Electronics

2022 For Reza


2022 Y

Oud and live electronics

2021 ir:re:real

Soprano and electronics

2020 fremdeigentum

Three small pieces

2019 Seyr und Silence

Alma with Shaghayegh Bagheri

2019 Die Trauer der Fische


2018 Scherbengericht über Buddha

For a speaker and live electronics

2018 Ein Seeteufel

Music for a reading by Yoko Tawada

2018 reziprok

Alma and free music

2017 Wege

String quartet with electronics after Mozart

2016 SCP


2015 V

Texts and music for Denkort Bunker Valentin

2015 Pan.Sori!

Korean buk drum and electronics

2015 Alma

Language and live electronics III: sound and past

2015 Knuth

Language and live electronics II: playing with the rhythm of spoken word

2015 Nora

Language and live electronics I: interrupting machine

2013 Zeiten Wenden

Music for the 500th anniversary of the Schäuffelinaltar in Auhausen minster 20 October 2013

2013 AB

On stage a flutist. Beside her, in head's height, a single speaker. AB.

2012 S'io non miro non moro

Music about an old piece of music and an old text. Music about the madrigal "S'io non miro non moro" by Carlo Gesualdo.

2012 Gläserne Unterbrechung

Sound installation as part of the exhibition KURATO.kollektiv

2011 Hommage à Gottfried Michael Koenig

Electroacoustic music

2011 Unberechenbar

Sound installation at Atelier Grammophon Hannover

2011 C copy A, verschlüsselt

Live electronics and performance

2011 ATT...


2010 Potentiale

Installation for 16 sound steles on place of world exhibition Hanover

2009 Schritte

Two small speakers at a park bench

2008 Krieg dem Krieg

Trombone and electronics

2007 Heine-Kommentare

Nine comments on texts by Heinrich Heine

2006 Schlagschatten

Accordion and electronics

2006 Quo Tendis

Violoncello and electronics

2005 Symbolon

Percussion and electronics

2005 Ambi-Schlagfluss

Ambisonic-spatialized sound

2005 Anti II

Alto flute, oboe, bassoon and three speakers

2004 Koax

Electronics with film

2003 Beschwörung allein

Recorder and ghetto blaster

2002 Beschwörung

3 recorders und 3 ghetto blasters

2001 Dreieck

Electronics (7 channels)

2000 Erzählung

Organ and electronics (8 channels)

1999 Reduktion

Electronics (8 channels) and video

1998 Iwein-Block

Experimental study of a way of speaking (Electronics)

1997 Ein Ort für Zufälle

Prepared MIDI-grand piano

1997 Seduction