Some images connected to this piece:

(1) A cat plays with itself, hunting its tail and turning. What happens when it catches its tail?

(2) In Ferdowsi's Shahname, two big serpents come out of the shoulders of king Zahak. Each of them needs to eat the brain of a boy every day. (The people have to sacrifice their children for the rulers.) Someone reports this in great agitation, as if he just saw an accident. Listening to him: Conflict between curiosity and horror?

(3) Buzzing of superimposed radio news and aroused shouting at a demonstration. How far is the report of a demonstration from being in the demonstration?

(4) You do something. An echo returns, an answer. More actions result in more answers. Accumulation of events; branching and child events; what is the horse and the rider? The events themselves act now, and what has been echo is now the first to start, and it determines the durations. So fall back, look for what is still possible, although broken, fragmented, perforated.

(5) So another circle arises, much bigger than the cat's circles. How is its end connected to its beginning?

Y, being read from bottom up, is seperation and branching.
Y, being read from top down, is what flows together.

Both live in this piece, but in different ways. The seperation and branching is obvious, whereas what connects stays in the background. In the end it seems to be present — but why?

Partitur   Code (Csound) Functions (UDOs)

Concert 10 January 2022, Komed Hall Cologne.
Yasamin Shahhosseini — Oud, Joachim Heintz — Live-electronics

Dress rehearsal