Culture: what for

The question "culture - what for" is probably similar to the question "living - what for": there's no general or perpetual answer, but there are as many answers as there are contexts. And on closer inspection, culture is everything but a simple concept. Which culture, for whom, in what context - this unfolds into so many differentiations that talking about the culture of some people or a place will at best be imprecise and at worst manipulative. And yet, it's important to think about the culture we want - even if it's only to find this we after all.

In this spirit, the following texts touch on the subject of this what for and which.

Let's celebrate the substitutes!

Opening speech for 4th Tehran International Electronic Music Festival 2021

Interview with Anna Fortunova

On matter, functions, and potential of music (in German)

New music and AI

Debates on culture and artificial intelligence reveal a feeling of unsettledness that wasn't caused by the AI, but by the way culture is staged and perceived. I have tried to put my finger on this aspect in several contexts.
- AI and music in German
- Playing instead of Frightening in German
- New music and AI:   Blog I     Blog II in German

Don Quijote, the island and the golden age

Experiences with and questions on Open Source, keynote lecture of the Csound conference in Montevideo, 2017.