Sea devil

How can I compose (live electronic) music for a reading by Yoko Tawada, that does not draw attention away from the texts but does not become background, mood, atmosphere? music as accompaniment - an accompaniment that follows the proceedings but from its own perspective and in its own movement. An accompaniment that opens a space that relates to the space of the texts, that marks a trail, that gives rise to correspondences - be it within a text, or between texts. An accompaniment that, from a rather homogeneous sound material, creates diverse colours, shapes, peculiarities and a coherence that does not intrudes itself on the audience but is true to itself. A second level that is there and present.

Performance in the Akademie der K√ľnste Berlin 26. Mai 2018 at the 19. Poetry Festival Berlin

Score for the speaker
Score for live electronics (not final ...)
GUI Electronics
Code Electronics (pdf)
Program Electronics (csd)