To create a place for chance, an area for elements, voices, noises to draw near and draw apart - speech, stutter, recitation, command, stammer, scream, clatter, tremple; for musical figures to emerge, for their composites and shreds: a mad puppets' circus, converging, ever changing, in ever changing, markedly differing versions, in a space of intersecting rules: where you are I may not be, where you are I am too, when this is being said everything else is silent, when this happens the consequence is accumulation, or truncution, or thinning, or nothing happens, or something appears out of nowhere, or a memory set in, a damped re-entry, tint, different times, or in a flash, explosive, dazzling.

A version of such a piece would be one alternative, one reality among infinite possibilities, with certain emergent allocations, assignments of roles, places to be taken. This time.

Ein Ort für Zufälle 1 [A place for chance 1]
Ein Ort für Zufälle 2a [A place for chance 2a]